Ants: Annoying Ants are invading my kitchen for over a week and finally under controlled. 惱人的螞蟻正在入侵我的廚房超過一個星期,最後終於受到控制

Ants: Annoying Ants are invading my kitchen for over a week and finally under controlled. 惱人的螞蟻正在入侵我的廚房超過一個星期,最後終於受到控制

The weather has been extremely hot lately.  It is more annoying to find trails of ants on top of your kitchen counter, sink, along the wall and even crawled through the cap of my peanut butter jar!

Google searched on the following topics : What kills tiny ants? How do you get rid of ants in the kitchen? etc.

I did learn a lot about those ants. Ants are tiny creatures that live underground.  They are very sneaky.  Why?  Most likely, we don’t even know they are around until we see a trail of them running through our house orderly in a line carrying off our food back to their colony.  They have a good sense of smell that could rival a blood hood and can detect the smallest of food particles from a far distance.  They lay a trail and direct it back to the colony, which the rest of the ants will follow. Their mission is to take back to their colony whatever food they can find, non-stop. It means that Ants will stay in my home forever!

If they don’t step in my way, I really admire their team spirit and work attitude.  They are very smart and communicate with each other effectively. Ants just like other insects, ants carry bacteria that we don’t want hanging around in our home.

So, most inhouse Ants love and looking for foods filled with sugar – bread and processed foods have a good amount of sugar in them, meaning that just about anything in your house is their favorite!

Ants hate garlic, vinegar, strong herbs and BORAX.

I had used the following treatments:

(A) Around my house:

      1) Ant spray, 2) Diatomaceous earth,

(B) Inside my kitchen:

      1) Ant Bait, 2) Ant spray and 3) Peanut butter mix with Borax powder and pasted it on a piece of plastic wrap.

Finally, on the third day, ants are not coming inside my kitchen!  Yay!

Amazon also carries the following items which I used at retail prices as follows:

Warning: Please take extra care when using ant baits or ants killing products if you have children or pets around.  Those are toxic and I am just sharing my experience with you and I am not responsible or liable for any damage or loss of life. 

Wish you all the best and have a great day!

          Athene Greenwood 






如果他們不妨礙我,我真的很佩服他們的團隊精神和工作態度。他們非常聰明,有效地相互溝通。但是 , 螞蟻就像其他昆蟲一樣,螞蟻帶著我們不想要的細菌。真可怕!

因此,大多數屋內螞蟻喜歡並尋找糖的食物 – 例如麵包和加工食品中含有大量的糖。










Amazon also carries the following items which I used at retail prices as follows:

DIY: Fermented Pineapple as daily healthy drink 發酵菠蘿蛋白酶作為抗衰老的日常健康飲品!and meat tenderizer.

 DIY: Wow -Fermented Pineapple enzyme as healthy drink for Anti-aging and meat tenderizer!

Have you ever heard of “Bromelain”?   “Bromelain” is a proteolytic enzyme.  This enzyme is a good digest protein found in fresh pineapple, highly concentrated in the core and skin of the fruit.  It is often used to treat muscle injuries and a digestive aid.  One more important advantage of consuming Bromelain is Anti-aging!!!

Bromelain is a natural anticoagulant that works by breaking down the blood-clotting protein fibrin.  Studies have found that consumption of pineapple regularly helps to fight against arthritis and indigestion. (I should have known about this earlier!!)


(A) For those people with acid reflux, this can cause or worsen the symptom.

(B) Eating unripe pineapple or drinking unripe pineapple juice is dangerous too.

Reason: Pineapple, this tropical fruit is highly acidic but at the same time is a fantastic source of vitamin C which is good for our immune system.

If you enjoy cooking, here is another good news just for you: by adding some pineapple juice to marinate meat for about ten minutes prior to your cooking, i.e. pork chop, you will be surprised how tender your dish will be turned out!  I tried it and it works. So, this is a natural meat tenderizer without unhealthy chemicals.

I haven’t eaten pineapple for a while because the after taste is not very pleasant to my tongue.  Now, for those readers with the same experience like me, here is the solution.  We can gargle with some salt water as it will neutralize the effect to the pineapple which are attached to the inner tissues of our mouth, teeth and tongue.

Studies also showing that we can obtain more “Bromelain” from fermented pineapple without eating pineapple nor eating pills from unknown sources.

Let’s do it ourselves!

(DIY) The attached pictures showing the bottled pineapple flesh bottled in brown sugar the second day.

Ingredients and materials:

  • Medium ripe pineapple flesh with core (washed the outside skin and air dry completely)
  • Brown sugar
  • Glass jar (clean and boiled in water to sterilize bacteria and air dry completely)
  • Clean and dry chopping board
  • Clean and dry sharp knife (I prefer ceramic knife)
  • Food gloves, clean and dry


*No water, not even a drop must be added in this recipe, or it will go stale.

**The quantity portion of pineapple flesh and brown sugar is ration 2: 1 (i.e. two pounds of pineapple flesh, one pound of brown sugar)

***Some recipe uses the skin of pineapple instead of pineapple flesh and add water.  That is for pineapple vinegar and not pineapple enzyme/Bromelain!!

Procedures: (The first day)

  1. -Wear dry food handling gloves,
  2. -Cut and discard the head, bottom and skin of pineapple,
  3. -Cut the pineapple flesh into small cubes. (do not wash),
  4. -Carefully layered into the bottom of the water-free glass jar,
  5. -Add one layer of brown sugar,
  6. -Continue the steps of layering,
  7. -Fill up to 2/3 of the jar only, (leave room for fermentation)
  8. -Cover the jar with dry and clean plastic wrap.
  9. -Cover with jar with the lid, but not tight.

2nd day and up to 3 (three) months: DAILY procedures:

  1. -Loosen the lid and plastic wrap and let the fermentation air out. (or the jar will be exposed).
  2. -Carefully use dry bamboo stick to stir the pineapple flesh and make sure they are covered by the juice.


  • This fermentation cycle will take about three months to be done.  After one month, you will see the pineapple flesh floating to the top of the juice.  Close to the end of fermentation, about three months, all the pineapple flesh will be sunk to the bottom.  We can then carefully separate the pineapple juice out and store inside a clean and water free glass jar for storage inside the refrigerator for daily consumption.
  • As healthy supplement drink, pour one table spoon inside a cup and diluted it with water.  You may add ice or honey!

                                          So, moderation is the key for success and good health!

                                                             Enjoy and wish you the best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is how I prepare and drink it as a healthy drink and for entertainment.  I am not responsible for any loss or damage to your health or assets as each individual’s health is different.  Please consult with your doctor prior to taking this drink.  Thank you!

                                                                                                            Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮)



菠蘿蛋白酶是一種天然抗凝血劑,通過分解凝血蛋白纖維蛋白而起作用。研究發現,菠蘿經常有助於抵抗關節炎和消化不良。 (哇!我應該早點知道這件事!!)






讓我們自己動手吧! (DIY)附圖顯示慬有二天的紅糖 加菠蘿肉。


  • 中等熟菠蘿果肉(洗淨外皮,讓空氣完全乾燥)
  • 紅糖
  • 玻璃瓶(清潔並在水中煮沸以滅菌並完全風乾)
  • 乾淨,乾燥的砧板
  • 清潔和乾燥鋒利的刀(我更喜歡陶瓷刀)
  • 食物手套,乾淨,乾燥


  • *一定不可以有水,否則它會壞掉。
  • **菠蘿肉和紅糖的份量是 二比一 (即二磅菠蘿肉,一磅紅糖)
  • ***一些食譜使用菠蘿皮而不是菠蘿肉,但我更喜歡菠蘿肉, 因為是做酶不是醋.


  1. – 穿乾食物處理手套,切掉並丟棄菠蘿的頭部,底部和外皮,
  2. -將菠蘿肉切成小方塊。(不要洗),
  3. – 分層放入無水罐的底部,
  4. – 加入一層紅糖,
  5. – 繼續分層的步驟,
  6. – 只能裝滿瓶子的2/3,(留出發酵空間)
  7. 用乾燥,乾淨的保鮮膜蓋上罐子。
  8. 用蓋子蓋上罐子,但不要緊。


  1. – 鬆開蓋子和保鮮膜,讓發酵空氣出來。(很重要,不然玻璃會爆開很危險)
  2. – 仔細搖動底部,確保菠蘿肉被果汁覆蓋。


  • +這個發酵週期需要大約三個月的時間才能完成。一個月後,你會看到菠蘿肉升到果汁的頂部。接近發酵結束時,大約三個月,所有的菠蘿肉都會沉到底部。我們可以小心地將菠蘿汁分離出來,儲存在乾淨無水的玻璃樽子裡,以便在冰箱內儲存,以供日常飲用。
  • ++作為健康的補充飲料,將一個湯匙倒入杯中並用水稀釋。你可以加冰或蜜糖!
  • +++免責聲明:這是我自己如何準備和飲用它作為健康的飲料和娛樂。由於每個人的健康體質狀況不同,我不對任何損失或損害健康負責。
  • +++服用此飲品前請諮詢您的醫生。謝謝!

“適度” 是成功和健康的關鍵!


Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮)

Eat avocado a day keep the optometrist away VS Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away! 吃鱷梨讓驗光師遠離我

Eat avocado a day keep the optometrist away VS  Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away! 每天吃鱷梨讓驗光師遠離我

Studies show that avocados are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and powerful antioxidants i.e. Lutein and Zeaxanthin that can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which are commonly in the elderly.

I am surprised to find that avocado contains more potassium than bananas, loaded with fiber and also has contain monounsaturated fatty acids that is good for our heart by lowering our cholesterol and triglyceride levels!

Since avocado is such an awesome fruit and is not too expensive as compared with herbal supplements, I will definite add avocado in my daily diet besides apple. How about you?

Please enjoy and share the following video using avocado to make healthy pancakes for your snack, breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

Please also research if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above. This is how I eat and prepare my snack and is posted for entertainment.This is not medical advice or anything of the sort. Thank you for watching my video and please Don’t Forget to Click “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” my channel. Don’t forget to turn on notification!

Thank you!   Athene Greenwood

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Turmeric powder:

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Wooden roller:

Bamboo chopping board:

Stainless steel mixing bowls:

Plate set:

Non-stick pan:

每天吃半個鱷梨讓驗光師遠離 我= 每天吃一個蘋果讓醫生遠離我!



由於鱷梨是一種非常棒的水果,與草藥補充劑相比並不算太貴,所以除了蘋果之外,我還會在日常飲食中添加鱷梨。 你呢?


Japanese style SPAM Musubi for dinner – 午餐肉包飯晚餐 -To love someone by listening to them!

This morning, my youngest son came to me and asked me, “Mom, can you make Spam Musubi for me?  I missed those days when I were in high school. Those were my favorite ones from fund raising!”  Without any hesitation, I answered him back, ” Of course, my dear!”

According to various researches, over 70 percent of people found that food really is the way to someone’s heart after all. Most people say having a meal cooked for them makes them feel cared for or appreciated, especially their favorite meal.

Being a mother is so simple, all you need to do is listening to your family’s needs.  If you can manage to make their dreams come true, why not!

Love and care is not money that can buy!

Please enjoy one of my ASMR videos which was related to SPAM Musubi too!

Enjoy and if you like it, please click “like” and “Subscribe” to my channel!

Thank You!

 Athene Greenwood


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Neck lace choker:

Long sleeve lace top:

Materials used for making SPAM MUSUBI:

Japanese rice:






Japanese wine:

Olive oil:

Non-stick pan:

Non-stick utensil:

Corning plate sets:

日式(SPAM Musubi) 午餐肉包飯晚餐 – 通過傾聽他人來表達你對他的愛!

今天早上,我最小的兒子來找我,問我:“媽媽,你能為我製作午餐肉包飯嗎?我很懷念那些高中時代,那是募捐活動時我最喜歡選購的食物!” 毫不猶豫地,我回答他:“當然,親愛的!”

根據各種研究,超過70%的人發現食物真的是可以令人難忘的方式。 大多數人說,為他們烹製一頓飯讓他們感到受到關懷或欣賞,特別是他們最喜歡的。

做一個母親非常簡單,所有你需要做的就是傾聽你的家庭需求。 如果你能設法讓他們的夢想成真,為什麼不可以呢。 這份愛不是金錢可以買到的!

在這裡,我希望與您分享我的一個與”午餐肉包飯”(SPAM Musubi)相關的ASMR視頻。

如果你喜歡它,請點擊“贊”和“訂閱”我的頻道! 謝謝!

My idol – Japanese singer – Mr. Hideki Saijo (西城秀樹) passed away ! at age 63

My idol – Japanese singer – Mr. Hideki Saijo (西城秀樹) passed away! only at 63

Mr. Hideki Saijo was so popular in Japan and Asian countries during the 1970s and 1980s. I were one of his fans and were attracted by his passionate singing style and dynamic stage performance.  His best-known songs as I remembered were: Young Man (Y.M.C.A.) and Kizudarake No Lola.  I did not know Japanese language, but I were touched and moved by his song, especially the way how he swung his body, already made us crazy!

According to the news, Mr. Hideki was died of heart failure at the age of 63 with two sons at age of 13 and 14 and one daughter at the age of 16!  What a big loss to a family!  Husband, father and the main source of support for the family.

To Mr. Hideki’s family: I am deeply saddened by the news of the loss.  I pray that God will grant you the strength.  My most sincere condolences!

Remembering his wonderful songs and awesome smiles will forever remain in our hearts.  May he rest in peace.

From what is happening to Mr. Hideki, I learn that If we love our family, we have to take care of ourselves! Exercise daily, control our diets and embraces our love ones with “LOVE”.

Forgive others equals to forgiving ourselves! Let go the past and welcome the next moment with a big “Smile”!

P.S. October of 2017, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetics.  I was surprised and could not believe the fact? I made a lot of researches on Diabetics.  I attended four Diabetics Seminars. Luckily, Type 2 Diabetics is reversible. Today, I don’t need any Diabetic medications.  For the sake of providing my humble supports to those Pre-Diabetic readers, I had made a video on how to exercise and improve your glucose levels. I am happy to share and sincerely wish that you will be benefited from it too.  The language which I used within the video was in Cantonese, If you need translation, please let me know and I will make another video in English.  🙂

Disclaimer: Easy 10 minutes daily Pre-Diabetic exercise may improve overall health – especially for pre-diabetics. Pre-diabetes is a disease and is curable. All we have to do is to change our eating habits and doing exercise daily for about 20 to 30 minutes. We have to remove {sugar} from our diets and take a walk after we ate, if possible. Eat small portion each time, eat vegetables first, then fish, lean meat, beef etc. and the least is carbohydrates i.e. brown rice, pasta or bread. ** Disclaimer **this information is for entertainment only. I assumes no liability for injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. Before you start any exercise, please consult with your doctors/physicians. DO NOT STOP taking your medication. Reversing Pre-Diabetic is based on many factors: i.e. diet, exercise and monitor closely with your glucose index and follow your doctor/physician’s instructions.

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我的偶像 – 日本歌手 – 西城秀樹先生去世了!享年只有63歲!

在70和80年代,西城秀樹先生在日本和亞洲國家非常受歡迎。我是他的粉絲之一,被他充滿激情的演唱風格和充滿活力的舞台表演所吸引。我記得他最著名的歌曲是年輕人(Y.M.C.A.)和Kizudarake No Lola。我不懂日語,但是我被他的歌感動了,特別是他如何揮舞他的身體,已經讓他的粉絲們,包括我的瘋狂!

據消息,西城秀樹 先生死於心力衰竭,留下兩個分別13歲和14歲的兒子和一個16歲的女兒!對一個家庭來說,這是多大的損失!丈夫,父親和家庭支持的主要源泉。

對西城秀樹先生的家人:”我對這消息深感痛心。我祈求上帝會賜予你力量。我最誠摯的哀悼!” 記住他美妙的歌曲和令人敬畏的笑容將永遠留在我們心中。願他安息。




放下過去,用 “微笑”來 歡迎下一刻吧!

附註: 2017年10月,驗血報告中我被診斷出有糖尿病。 我很驚訝,不敢相信這個事實? 我對糖尿病進行了大量的研究。 我參加了四堂糖尿病研討會。 幸運的,2型糖尿病是可逆轉的。 今天,我不需要任何糖尿病藥物, 血數正常。 為了向那些糖尿病前期讀者提供我謙虛的支持,我製作了一段關於如何鍛煉和改善葡萄糖水平的視頻。 我很高興能夠分享,並衷心祝愿您也能從中受益。


本視頻中使用的產品可以在Amazon 找到零售價格如下:








Love note Time Capsule Vs Apple Airport Time Capsule 時光膠囊

Time capsule – We all said: Time flies! Means that we are healthy and happy at this moment!  When we are in pain, each second counts!

When we mention “Time capsule”, most people maybe thinking of Apple Airport Time Capsule and not be a box or bottle for holding a particular goods or information, with the intention that they will be opened or accessed at a future date.

For some reasons, I needed to locate some old paperwork and could not locate it. Finally, my number six sense drew my attention to the bottom drawer of my file cabinet.

I reached quickly to the bottom drawer of the cabinet, and surprisingly found a small metal box which was marked: “Do not throw away” with a date on it.  I recognized those were my own handwriting.  The metal box was sealed with transparent tape and the color of the tape already turned to yellow.

I held on the metal box and lots of good memories came back to me! I carefully scratched and pulled the yellow tape away from the box. When the lid was open, I found a pink colored velvet pouch.  The color and the condition of the pouch were still in very good condition. I searched inside the pouch and found a heart-shaped note with the words “I love you” handwritten with a date on it.

It was my husband’s handwriting!  As I remembered, the pink colored pouch was from our engagement rings. He handed me the pouch on our wedding day with a kiss.

Today, when I showed him the pouch and the love note which I found, my hubby only smiles and said,” Time flies! and I love you!” and sealed with a kiss!

Thank you to “Time Capsule”!

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Time capsule metal container:

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Soy Bean organic :

Standard 14” X 18” Cafeteria lunch tray:

Athene Greenwood

時光膠囊 – 我們都說:時光飛逝!意味著我們現在健康快樂!

當我們處於痛苦中時,每一秒都會很漫長啊 🙁

當我們提到 時光膠囊 ”時,大多數人可能會想到Apple Airport Time Capsule,而不是一個盒子或一個密封的瓶藏著特定商品或信息, 意圖在未來的日期打開或查看。




這是我丈夫的筆跡!正如我記得的那樣,粉紅色的小袋子來自我們的訂婚戒指。在結婚那天,  他親吻我後便遞給我那隻粉紅色的小袋子.


謝謝你 ” 時間膠囊”!

Athene Greenwood

Time capsule, time flies, Apple Airport Time Capsule, goods, information, intention, open, access, future date, paperwork, locate, number six sense, file cabinet, bottom drawer, surprise, metal box, do not throw away, handwriting, sealed with, transparent tape, good memories, scratched, pink colored, velvet, pouch, heart-shaped, love note, I love you, engagement rings, kiss, thank you,


Athene Greenwood – Did you try out ASMR yet? 你對ASMR了解有多少?你試過了嗎?

How much do you know about ASMR? Did you try out yet?  If you haven’t heard of any ASMR yet, well, here is the right place for you 😊

Most ASMR audiences are taking it as an opportunity for relaxation or help them to go to sleep.

According to Wikipedia, “ASMR” stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”. It is most commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attention control.

  • Autonomous – spontaneous, self-governing, with or without control
  • Sensory – pertaining to the senses or sensation
  • Meridian – signifying a peak, climax, or point of highest development
  • Response – referring to an experience triggered by something external or internal
  • Listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice
  • Listening to quiet, repetitive sounds resulting from someone engaging in a mundane task such as turning the pages of a book
  • Watching somebody attentively execute a mundane task such as preparing food
  • Loudly chewing, crunching, slurping or biting foods, drinks, or gum.
  • Receiving altruistic tender personal attention
  • Initiating the stimulus through conscious manipulation without the need for external video or audio triggers

Year 2017, I found out over millions of people over the world are watching and making ASMR YouTube on various forms and topics, I also created some for your enjoyment!

The one which I attached today is one of my most viewed ASMR videos!  If you are interested in watching more, please visit YouTube and search under “ASMR Athene Greenwood”.

Thank you for your watching and please “CLICK” and “SUBSCRIBE”  !

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Athene Greenwood



根據維基百科,“ASMR”代表Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response。

ASMR標誌著 “低級幸福感” 的主觀體驗,其特徵是 “積極的感受和皮膚上的明顯的靜態刺痛感的組合” 。它通常是由特定的聽覺或視覺刺激觸發的,而不常見的是通過有意的注意力控制。

  • 自主 – 自發,自治,有或無控制
  • 感官 – 關於感官或感覺
  • 子午線 – 表示高峰,高潮或最高發展點
  • 回應 – 指由外部或內部引發的經驗
  • 傾聽輕聲或低語的聲音
  • 聽從某人從事一項平凡的工作(例如轉動一本書的頁面)而產生的安靜,重複的聲音
  • 注意有人專心執行一項平凡的工作,例如準備食物
  • 大聲咀嚼,咬嚼,啜食或咬食物,飲料或口香糖。
  • 接受無私的招標個人關注
  • 通過有意識的操作啟動刺激而不需要外部視頻或音頻觸發器

2017年,當我發現世界各地數以百萬計的人正在觀看和製作各種形式和主題的ASMR YouTubes,我也為您創造了一些, 在有空時來享受吧!

我今天附加的是我最喜歡的ASMR視頻之一!如果您有興趣觀看更多其他內容,請到YouTube並輸入“ASMR Athene Greenwood”進行搜索。



What is karma? Do you believe in Karma? Karma has any expiration date?業力究竟有沒有截止日期

What is karma? Do you believe in karma? Does Karma expire?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I sincerely wish all mothers an awesome and Happy Mother’s Day!  In addition to those mothers with adopted cats, dogs and pets!

My mother passed away almost ten years ago.  My memories of Her smiles, her teachings, her guidance and path to mature as an honest person will never go away. Even her life was ongoing struggle, as I reminisce of her steadfast personality, I am reminded what she once told me. “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone! Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.  Live in the present and make it beautiful!”

She liked to help others.  She told  her children not to let one’s anger to conquer oneself  and fall into any karma.

All these years, I have upheld my mother’s principles despite various trials and tribulations.

Personally, I do believe in karma and there is no deadline or expiration date, it will get to us.

Everything happens for a reason!  It may be good or bad.  What comes around, goes around!

Don’t forgot to smile today!

Life is beautiful and let go those bad memories and welcome the next moment 😊

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Athene Greenwood



我母親已經過世將近十年了。我對她微笑的回憶,她無盡的教導,引導我,告訴我如何表現良好,做一個誠實的人,永遠不會消失。總體來說,當時,她的生活非常掙扎。幸好她的執著和強烈的個性終於成功地把我們拉大成長,  她是本著 她的正能量理念,正如我一直聽到的:“不要為過去哭泣,它已經消失了!不要對未來充滿壓力,它還沒有到來,活在當下,讓它變成現實美麗!”



就我個人而言,我相信業力,沒有截止日期或到期日期,好的 壞 的它都會找到我們。


今天不要忘了笑!好好活在當下吧! 今天的一切已是上天最好的安排!


Customer Service and mutual communications – Who is right or who is wrong ! 誰是誰非!


Today, I wanted to add a tale about a fish from my neighborhood Asian supermarket.

As usual, the lines for seafood preparation was crowed and bustling as usual.  While waiting in line, I overhead a very interesting conversation between a customer and the Fish department personnel.

When the lady received her dressed fish packed inside the white colored plastic bag and asked, ” Did you save and put all the eggs from the fish inside?”. The guy was astonished and asked back, “What eggs? There are no eggs!”. The lady was mad and pointed at one of the fishes which was laid on the big tray and said “Look at its belly was so full, it must have a heap of fish egg inside! I love those eggs and that is why I bought the fish. If there are no eggs, I don’t want it!” The fish personnel was kind of upset too but reluctantly walked back to the preparation table and looking for what the lady claimed as “eggs”. From his gesture, he placed something inside the bag and resealed it before returning and handing the bag back to the lady. The lady put on her glasses and ripped the bag open and screamed loudly, “Those are not their eggs! I want to talk to your Manager!”

Another fish department personnel called my number as I quietly laughed to myself and skipped witnessing the escalation of complaints as I came here for my tail of fish.

From my observations, communication plays a vital role in customer service.  If she customer had simply told the fish preparer to keep the fish eggs or if the fish preparer asked the customer if the eggs are kept or tossed, these unnecessary misunderstandings would never have occurred.




剛好服務員叫我的號碼  我只好專心選找我的晚餐 那尾魚 沒有空見證投訴的升級了。

從我的觀察來看,溝通在客戶服務中起著至關重要的作用。如果顧客事前告訴魚類準備者保留魚卵,或者如果魚類準備者詢問客戶是否要保留 魚卵 或拋棄,那麼這些不必要的誤解就不會發生    我默默地笑了起來便匆匆離開那誰是誰非之地


Welcome to Athene Greenwood, Yayyyyyyyy

This is the first post of Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮),

Welcome all,

I feel so much delighted that my own website is born.

Thank you to all my beloved sons that made this happened and this is really a very Special early Mother’s Day gift!

I am Athene Greenwood:  a dedicated housewife, a rabbit but not tiger mother also a sweet grandmother. I am very interested in quick fix cooking, knitting, sewing, toss master and also making YouTube videos.
I welcome challenges and love to laugh to the bottom of my heart! Seriously, as I recalled, somebody was so much influenced by my laughter that she was continuous laughing and could not stop! She told me later that was the pitch that I made when I laughed – was so much different and soothing! She was involuntarily also released her stress.

So, don’t forget to laugh and this is good for your own health 🙂

The most important part of me is ” I enjoy dreaming! Not day dreaming but the real DREAMS. So, when the time comes, I shall post and share some of my dreams with you! Yes, those dreams were hiding inside my closet for over X years and will be released one day.
Welcome again to my site and please also visit my YouTube videos under “Athene Greenwood  (華姨休閒天地)”. Enjoy and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” too.
Thank you and expecting to hearing from you Soon!