Customer Service and mutual communications – Who is right or who is wrong ! 誰是誰非!


Today, I wanted to add a tale about a fish from my neighborhood Asian supermarket.

As usual, the lines for seafood preparation was crowed and bustling as usual.  While waiting in line, I overhead a very interesting conversation between a customer and the Fish department personnel.

When the lady received her dressed fish packed inside the white colored plastic bag and asked, ” Did you save and put all the eggs from the fish inside?”. The guy was astonished and asked back, “What eggs? There are no eggs!”. The lady was mad and pointed at one of the fishes which was laid on the big tray and said “Look at its belly was so full, it must have a heap of fish egg inside! I love those eggs and that is why I bought the fish. If there are no eggs, I don’t want it!” The fish personnel was kind of upset too but reluctantly walked back to the preparation table and looking for what the lady claimed as “eggs”. From his gesture, he placed something inside the bag and resealed it before returning and handing the bag back to the lady. The lady put on her glasses and ripped the bag open and screamed loudly, “Those are not their eggs! I want to talk to your Manager!”

Another fish department personnel called my number as I quietly laughed to myself and skipped witnessing the escalation of complaints as I came here for my tail of fish.

From my observations, communication plays a vital role in customer service.  If she customer had simply told the fish preparer to keep the fish eggs or if the fish preparer asked the customer if the eggs are kept or tossed, these unnecessary misunderstandings would never have occurred.




剛好服務員叫我的號碼  我只好專心選找我的晚餐 那尾魚 沒有空見證投訴的升級了。

從我的觀察來看,溝通在客戶服務中起著至關重要的作用。如果顧客事前告訴魚類準備者保留魚卵,或者如果魚類準備者詢問客戶是否要保留 魚卵 或拋棄,那麼這些不必要的誤解就不會發生    我默默地笑了起來便匆匆離開那誰是誰非之地