Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮).

I am a dedicated housewife, a rabbit but not tiger mother and also a sweet grandmother.  I am very interested in quick fix cooking, knitting, sewing, toss master, singing and also making YouTube videos.

I welcome challenges and love to laugh to the bottom of my heart!

Seriously, as I recalled, somebody was so much influenced by my laughter that she was continuous laughing and could not stop! She told me later that was the pitch that I made when I laughed – was so much different and soothing! She was involuntarily also released her stress.

So, for your own good please don’t forget to laugh 🙂

The most important part of me is ” I enjoy dreaming! Not day dreaming but the real DREAMS.  So, when the time comes, I shall post and share some of my dreams with you!  Yes, those dreams were hiding inside my closet for over X years and will be released one day.

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Athene Greenwood



我歡迎挑戰和愛笑到我的心底!說真的,正如我回憶的那樣,有人被我的笑聲影響很大,以至於她不停地大笑,不能停下來!她後來告訴我說,當我笑的時候,我就是這樣做的 – 是非常不同的,舒緩的!她不由自主地釋放了她的壓力。
我喜歡做夢,不是做白日夢,而是真正的夢,所以,等到適當的時候,我會和你分享我的一些夢!是的,這些夢隱藏在我的衣櫥裡已有 X年,將有一天發布。歡迎再次​​訪問我的網站,並請訪問我在 YouTube “Athene Greenwood”的視頻。



Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮)