Japanese style SPAM Musubi for dinner – 午餐肉包飯晚餐 -To love someone by listening to them!

This morning, my youngest son came to me and asked me, “Mom, can you make Spam Musubi for me?  I missed those days when I were in high school. Those were my favorite ones from fund raising!”  Without any hesitation, I answered him back, ” Of course, my dear!”

According to various researches, over 70 percent of people found that food really is the way to someone’s heart after all. Most people say having a meal cooked for them makes them feel cared for or appreciated, especially their favorite meal.

Being a mother is so simple, all you need to do is listening to your family’s needs.  If you can manage to make their dreams come true, why not!

Love and care is not money that can buy!

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 Athene Greenwood


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日式(SPAM Musubi) 午餐肉包飯晚餐 – 通過傾聽他人來表達你對他的愛!

今天早上,我最小的兒子來找我,問我:“媽媽,你能為我製作午餐肉包飯嗎?我很懷念那些高中時代,那是募捐活動時我最喜歡選購的食物!” 毫不猶豫地,我回答他:“當然,親愛的!”

根據各種研究,超過70%的人發現食物真的是可以令人難忘的方式。 大多數人說,為他們烹製一頓飯讓他們感到受到關懷或欣賞,特別是他們最喜歡的。

做一個母親非常簡單,所有你需要做的就是傾聽你的家庭需求。 如果你能設法讓他們的夢想成真,為什麼不可以呢。 這份愛不是金錢可以買到的!

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