Welcome to Athene Greenwood, Yayyyyyyyy

This is the first post of Athene Greenwood (綠木雅妮),

Welcome all,

I feel so much delighted that my own website is born.

Thank you to all my beloved sons that made this happened and this is really a very Special early Mother’s Day gift!

I am Athene Greenwood:  a dedicated housewife, a rabbit but not tiger mother also a sweet grandmother. I am very interested in quick fix cooking, knitting, sewing, toss master and also making YouTube videos.
I welcome challenges and love to laugh to the bottom of my heart! Seriously, as I recalled, somebody was so much influenced by my laughter that she was continuous laughing and could not stop! She told me later that was the pitch that I made when I laughed – was so much different and soothing! She was involuntarily also released her stress.

So, don’t forget to laugh and this is good for your own health 🙂

The most important part of me is ” I enjoy dreaming! Not day dreaming but the real DREAMS. So, when the time comes, I shall post and share some of my dreams with you! Yes, those dreams were hiding inside my closet for over X years and will be released one day.
Welcome again to my site and please also visit my YouTube videos under “Athene Greenwood  (華姨休閒天地)”. Enjoy and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” too.
Thank you and expecting to hearing from you Soon!