What is karma? Do you believe in Karma? Karma has any expiration date?業力究竟有沒有截止日期

What is karma? Do you believe in karma? Does Karma expire?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I sincerely wish all mothers an awesome and Happy Mother’s Day!  In addition to those mothers with adopted cats, dogs and pets!

My mother passed away almost ten years ago.  My memories of Her smiles, her teachings, her guidance and path to mature as an honest person will never go away. Even her life was ongoing struggle, as I reminisce of her steadfast personality, I am reminded what she once told me. “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone! Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.  Live in the present and make it beautiful!”

She liked to help others.  She told  her children not to let one’s anger to conquer oneself  and fall into any karma.

All these years, I have upheld my mother’s principles despite various trials and tribulations.

Personally, I do believe in karma and there is no deadline or expiration date, it will get to us.

Everything happens for a reason!  It may be good or bad.  What comes around, goes around!

Don’t forgot to smile today!

Life is beautiful and let go those bad memories and welcome the next moment 😊

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Athene Greenwood



我母親已經過世將近十年了。我對她微笑的回憶,她無盡的教導,引導我,告訴我如何表現良好,做一個誠實的人,永遠不會消失。總體來說,當時,她的生活非常掙扎。幸好她的執著和強烈的個性終於成功地把我們拉大成長,  她是本著 她的正能量理念,正如我一直聽到的:“不要為過去哭泣,它已經消失了!不要對未來充滿壓力,它還沒有到來,活在當下,讓它變成現實美麗!”



就我個人而言,我相信業力,沒有截止日期或到期日期,好的 壞 的它都會找到我們。


今天不要忘了笑!好好活在當下吧! 今天的一切已是上天最好的安排!