Eat avocado a day keep the optometrist away VS Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away! 吃鱷梨讓驗光師遠離我

Eat avocado a day keep the optometrist away VS  Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away! 每天吃鱷梨讓驗光師遠離我

Studies show that avocados are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and powerful antioxidants i.e. Lutein and Zeaxanthin that can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which are commonly in the elderly.

I am surprised to find that avocado contains more potassium than bananas, loaded with fiber and also has contain monounsaturated fatty acids that is good for our heart by lowering our cholesterol and triglyceride levels!

Since avocado is such an awesome fruit and is not too expensive as compared with herbal supplements, I will definite add avocado in my daily diet besides apple. How about you?

Please enjoy and share the following video using avocado to make healthy pancakes for your snack, breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

Please also research if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above. This is how I eat and prepare my snack and is posted for entertainment.This is not medical advice or anything of the sort. Thank you for watching my video and please Don’t Forget to Click “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” my channel. Don’t forget to turn on notification!

Thank you!   Athene Greenwood

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每天吃半個鱷梨讓驗光師遠離 我= 每天吃一個蘋果讓醫生遠離我!



由於鱷梨是一種非常棒的水果,與草藥補充劑相比並不算太貴,所以除了蘋果之外,我還會在日常飲食中添加鱷梨。 你呢?